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The Haunting at Saint Joseph’s

The Haunting at Saint Joseph’s

(The Haunting at Saint Joseph's)
Senaryo Jon Cohen
Ödüller 2 ödül
The Haunting at Saint Joseph’s izle. Lily, an asthmatic mid 20s Muslim doctor and her fiancée Kit go on one last holiday with their med school friends before they move abroad. Lily also meets Kit's over-protective younger sister, Rachel, which goes okay, but Rachael is suspicious of Lily's motivation. She has never given her brother's girlfriends a chance, Lily is no different. They pick up a hitchhiker, Marc, on the way to Saint Joseph's guesthouse. Using the legend of the hanged girl, they set up a prank to make Lily think she's the next victim of an evil cult. Terrified at first, once she works out it's a joke, she seems okay with it. But she is not and starts having vivid nightmares and flashbacks about the hanged girl, so real that she starts to wonder if they are real.

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